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By Murray Chass

November 22, 2015

Baseball fans find very little, if anything, to enjoy in The New York Times these days. I often hear from them when they complain about the absence of news of baseball. What do you want me to do, I usually respond. I don’t work there anymore.

Soccer has become the sport of record of the so-called paper of record.

On Saturday, though, a wonderful thing happened, courtesy of Joe Nocera, a new sports business columnist, who comes to the Times sports section from its op-ed page, where he was basically a business columnist. I don’t know why he switched locations for his columns and whether it was a smart move for him because I found him to be one of the Times’ most entertaining op-ed columnists.

Yes, columnists should be entertaining as well as smart and incisive, and Nocera provides intelligence and insight. Previously, Times sports business columns were filled with TV ratings and interviews with announcers who were going to “call” the big games, as if anyone cared what they had to say.

In one of his earliest sports business columns, Nocera wrote about injuries fans have suffered at baseball games as the result of foul balls and broken bats. The best part of the column was I didn’t agree with its conclusion and it didn’t matter. I was delighted to see it in the paper and I look forward to more Nocera columns.

In this column, Nocera concluded:

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By Murray Chass

November 19, 2015

As a political science major in college, I had thoughts of getting into writing about politics. Baseball, however, grabbed hold of me and never let go. How was I to know that at this late date I would find a reason to combine the two interests?

I combine them through the name David Samson: the southeast David Samson, who is president of the Miami Marlins and the northeast David Samson who is a long-time friend and ally of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and possibly part of a scandal that has seriously undermined Christie’s efforts to gain the Republican nomination for president.

The political Samson, who has also served in the Christie administration, has not been accused of …

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By Murray Chass

November 15, 2015

One thing – probably the best thing – I like about getting rid of the younger readers who visited this web site in its early months, the ones who think they are baseball fans but are really WAR and VORP fans, is the remaining readers are clearly adults who appreciate adult writing that uses the English language. If they have an opinion on a particular column, pro or con, they express it in proper English and not gutter language.

They make it possible for me to use what they write without deleting every other word, that is, the offensive language that doesn’t belong here. I appreciate what they write even if they disagree with me. With all of that said, I turn over the rest of this column to readers who have written to comment on recent columns …

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