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By Murray Chass

November 10, 2019

Peter Miller grew tired of seeing his father rejected, in life and in death, by the baseball Hall of Fame and set out to find an honor for him that he felt would be even more suitable. The result is scheduled to be unveiled Nov. 15 at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C..

Just weeks after the World Series and weeks before we learn the outcome of Marvin Miller’s eighth appearance on a Hall of Fame ballot, the late labor leader will become the newest member of the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian. Miller’s portrait will not be the first of a sports figure to hang at the venerable gallery, but sports in general, and baseball in particular, don’t command viewers’ attention. Nevertheless Peter Miller is determined to elevate his father to an appropriate level of recognition even though after several rejections Miller asked the Baseball Writers Association to include him on the ballot no longer.

In an email last week, Peter Miller wrote:

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By Murray Chass

November 3, 2019

My watchword for the 2020 season’s managers: Beware of free agents.

Think back to the last off-season. The three players who signed the biggest contracts were two free agents, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, and a player who was a year away from free agency, Mike Trout.

Harper signed with Philadelphia for 13 years and $330 million, Machado with San Diego for 10 years and $300 million. Trout, who could have waited until now when he could have been a free agent, opted to remain with the Angels, signing a 12-year contract for $426.5 million. That’s a lot of money – more than one billion dollars – but the clubs didn’t immediately benefit from …

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By Murray Chass

October 28, 2019

In more than one column in recent years I have questioned the wisdom of baseball writers who vote for Mike Trout as the American League most valuable player or, as was the case last year, have voted for him second or their ballot when the team he plays for, the Angels, has had a losing record and a fourth-place finish. Trout will very likely receive those votes again this year.

Those voters, in their ignorance of the history of the award, confuse “most valuable” with “best.” To help them understand the idea of the award, I offer this example.

Whether the Astros or the Nationals win the World Series …

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