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By Murray Chass

July 26, 2015

As commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred has inherited from Bud Selig the responsibility and obligation to oversee a promising and appropriate practice of diversity hiring. Based on a comment he made last week, Manfred may be getting off to as questionable a start on the initiative as Selig had a finish.

I called Manfred last week to ask him a question for this column, telling him I was writing about MLB’s former scouting bureau director and his laudable record of diversity hiring.

“That should be a fun column for your readers,” the commissioner remarked, his words soaked with sarcasm.

I suppose his remark could be interpreted in different ways, but hearing it first-hand, I didn’t see it as a positive view of diversity hiring or coming from someone who was going to …

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By Murray Chass

July 23, 2015

For nearly the entire first half of the season, I felt sorry for the Red Sox. The American League East was having a party and didn’t invite the Red Sox. Then, as the All-Star break approached, the Red Sox grew tired of being snubbed, felt cheated and tried to crash the party.

They appeared to get a foot in the door, but the party bouncer stepped in, blocked their way and tossed them out on their ear. The Yankees won two games of their three-game series and dealt the Red Sox a serious setback.

The outcome of that series was reminiscent of the series the teams played the first three days of May. The Yankees won all three games of that series and dropped the Red Sox …

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By Zachary Kram

July 19, 2015

In the year of Bryce Harper and the Astros and young call-ups galore, Mike Trout received the recognition he deserves last week, and all it took was leading off the All-Star game with a home run and becoming the first player to win consecutive All-Star MVP awards.

As a paragon of consistency, Trout hasn’t received the flavor-of-the-month coverage he earned as a rookie, but he was certainly the flavor of choice for writers after the All-Star game. Jayson Stark gave my favorite description, calling Trout “the best player in the cosmos” and his All-Star teammates as “mere mortals.”

Especially coming on the night that Major League Baseball honored the top players from each franchise’s history, it was fitting to see Trout receive the hyperbolic adulation inspired by the sport’s legends. But I have to ask …

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